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My Orphan Earrings

Posted on April 26th, 2016 by Margit Novack
From www.movingsolutions.com | info@movingsolutions.com | 610-853-4300


I have been looking at my pile of orphan earrings, earrings without partners, wondering why I keep them. It’s true that a lost earring does sometimes show up, but many have been mateless for years. Why do I keep even those single earrings?

Orphan earrings seem different from mateless socks and gloves. The reason to keep the latter seems more pragmatic, and parting with singles, less emotional. I feel… guilty about my single earrings, as if, in losing their partner, I’ve let them down.

As a Senior Move Manager, I am a professional downsizer, so my reluctance to part with something as useless as single earrings is especially troubling. Here I am, asking clients to part with half their belongings, when I hold on to useless earrings!

The problem is, I rationalize. I tell myself myths. The first myth is that the other earring will turn up, and while this occasionally happens, is that a good reason to hold on to all of them?

The second myth is that I will make jewelry out of the single earring. It could become a pendant, part of a pin or a charm for a bracelet. That won’t happen. Most of the earrings I wear these days are from Chicos — hardly the cornerstone of a piece of jewelry.

The third myth is that that matching earrings is not necessary — I can wear two different earrings. It will make me more interesting and au courant. This too is unlikely to happen.

The fourth myth is my favorite. Perhaps I will get a second piercing in one ear, and wear the orphan earring in the second hole! Will that ever happen? It’s not planned at present, but 9 years ago, I did go to a hair salon located next to a tattoo parlor, and came home with a small tattoo. I think there was something in the shampoo that made me do it. I do need another haircut… so who knows!

What about you? What do you do with your orphan earrings?

6 Responses to “My Orphan Earrings”

Margo K. ZitinApril 27th, 2016 at 3:58 pm

As I read this most recent posting on Moving Solutions, I am, indeed, wearing two earrings that do not match each other.

Why do I persist in exhibiting these fractured adornments? Because I still like them, and they make me smile. They still have memories attached, even if their original ear-mate has gone away.

I also notice that when I wear a different earring in each ear, people are more likely to compliment one or both. When asked to comment on this, as if this was an accident while getting dressed, I always explain that it makes me happy to wear each of these doodads for different reasons. This usually brings a smile, or knowing look, to the face of the person who has asked the question. It’s always fun to bring a little grin to the face of the person to whom you’re speaking. It makes for happiness on both sides of the conversation!

Margit NovackApril 27th, 2016 at 5:05 pm

Hi Margo
I agree — wearing two different earrings does spark conversation. What an easy way to initiate fun dialogue.
Thanks for your comments.

Mary (Polly )LeshanApril 27th, 2016 at 5:09 pm

What I do with orphan earrings is wear them, if I still like them. There is no law that says ears must match. After all, my arms don’t match: I wear a watch on my left arm and five silver bracelets on my right. I wear three rings on my left ring finger and none on my right.So I imagine that the orphan earring feels bereft, and match her up with a fellow orphan.
It is interesting to note who notices and who does not or doesn’t mention it.

Margit NovackApril 27th, 2016 at 5:25 pm

I love that concept — that our wrists and fingers don’t have to match, so why should our earrings! I will do it, and see who comments. Perhaps that will lead to a new post!

I have rarely lost earrings until this past year when I lost 2. I keep checking on eBay to see if anyone is selling a single (or a pair) that would complete my pair. I clipped one around a bracelet and it looked like it belonged. The other I have worn as a pendant, so both have new lives. I’m more interested in knowing the storage solutions for jewelry that others have come up with after they inherit mom’s and grandmom’s bijoux.

Jeanne DeFrieseMay 9th, 2016 at 3:36 pm

The orphan earrings I can’t bear to discard, I’ll put them on the ends of pull chains (lamps, ceiling fans). Otherwise, they go into a dish for my grandkids to use for crafts, or into the trash to be discovered by future archeologists

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