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The Twelve Months of Moving

January                                                  Shoes

Do you have shoes that are uncomfortable, old favorites that are worn out or out-of-date, shoes that were purchased to match an outfit you no longer have? If you have shoes that you haven’t worn during the past year, get them out of your closet and give them away. Visit to see how shoes you don’t need can become life savers to people to have none.

February                                               Purses

Are there purses you’ve used for a thousand years? Maybe it’s time for them to retire. Bags that are too large, too small, too dressy, too informal, or simply too many? If you haven’t sued the purse in two years, give it away.

March                                                     Tools

Do you have collections of nuts and bolts that you have been lovingly gathered, drawers of nails, containers of molly bolts? Will you really need the saw, electric drill and ratchet wrench at your new home? Select a small set of tools to keep and make a handsome gift of the rest to someone just starting out.

April                                           Pots and Pans

When was the last time you used your lobster pot, chafing dish, electric fry pan, fondue pot, thirty cup coffee urn, waffle maker? How many frying pans, dutch ovens, and sauce pans will you need? Your cookware served you well for many years; offer them to a young person setting up a first apartment.

May                                  Coats, Hats, Gloves

Inventory your coats, jackets, scarves, gloves and hats. Do you have gloves with no mates? Scarves and hats that don’t match your coat? Your excess outerwear could make a world of difference to a homeless person. If you haven’t worn something in two years, donate it to a shelter.

June                   Gift Wrap, Boxes, Cards

Do you save used gift wrap and bows? Last year’s Christmas cards? Empty gift boxes? Recycling is a wonderful habit. Select what will fit in ONE box, and donate the rest to a nursery school for art projects.

July                                             Food Items


Empty your pantry. Check expiration dates and discard any items that have expired or are over one year old. If you haven’t used a food item during the past year, you won’t use it next year either. (This is a great way to protect against pantry moths). Start using up your inventory, especially items that are almost empty.

August                                   Table Linens

Remember the entertaining you used to do? Do you want to do all that work again? Take the table cloths, cloth napkins and napkin rings you haven’t used during the past year and give them away. A young person will be thrilled to get them.

September      Towels, Blankets, Linens

Do you have linen for beds you no longer have? Bedspreads for rooms that have since been redone? Select three sets of sheets for your bed, one for a guest bed, and three nice sets of towels. Donate the rest to the homeless cats and dogs in an animal shelter.

October                           Baking Supplies

When was the last time you used your tart pan, jello molds, cake pans, rolling pin, muffin tin, spring form pan, sifter, electric beater, flan dish, trifle bowl or cookie press? They served you well; let them enhance the pantry of another aspiring baker.

November             Alcoholic Beverages

Examine your liquor cabinet. Do you have containers with one half inch of contents left? Bottles that predate the Eisenhower era? Discard any liquor you haven’t used in two years; you’ll never drink it again!

December                             Bric-a-brac

How many do you have of the following: candle sticks, salt shakers, coffee mugs, twist ties, plastic bags, plastic containers, extension cords, flashlights, calendars, radios, etc? How many do you really need? Make a New Year’s resolution to keep only our favorites and lighten up your life!


take all the brand new things you are saving…the fancy nightgown, the new sheets, the fluffy towels, the gourmet jelly, the down pillow, the cashmere gloves…whatever it is that you have had for years but not used because it was too good…and start using it!