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Story Ideas


Moving Solutions® is frequently contacted as a source of information on eldercare and Boomer topics. In addition to our own areas of expertise, our involvement in professional organizations has provided access to experts in a variety of business, aging and caregiving resources. Listed below are examples of story ideas we can help you develop.

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Following in Their Children’s Footsteps

Many elderly parents are picking up roots and moving cross country to be near their adult children. Often, this is a reverse move—snowbirds returning to northern cities where family members reside. 

Dispersal of Family Possessions

Family squabbles over belongings are nothing new, but the questions are becoming more complex as family structures change. If you remarry in later life, should grandmother’s crystal go to your new spouse or to your adult daughter? According to Margit Novack, Moving Solutions President, family members may be more interested in the growth chart by the basement stairwell than the sterling silver. This is a topic that spans generations and also reflects the changing face of the American family. 

Hoarding in the Elderly

Hoarding is the acquisition and the failure to discard a large number of possessions that appear to be useless or of limited value. Although there are millions of hoarders, fewer than 5% ever come to public attention. Hoarding is a quiet syndrome. Since hoarding takes years to really flourish, many hoarders are elderly. Moving Solutions has worked with a number of elderly hoarders. In addition to our own expertise, we have access to experts throughout the country that can help you develop this story. 

Women-Owned Businesses

According to the Women’s Financial Network, women-owned businesses account for 28% of business in the U.S. and represent 775,000 new startups per year. This accounts for 55% of new startups. Between 1997 and 2002, it is estimated that the number of women-owned firms increased 14% nationwide—twice the rate for all firms. The Senior Move Management industry, in which the vast majority of business owners are women, illustrates this trend. An informative article could focus on the many resources that are available to help women-business owners.

The Graying of Entrepreneurship

Conventional wisdom used to say that entrepreneurs were mostly young. No longer. According to the AARP, one of the biggest trends in business is the increase in boomers interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Many of these businesses are started by boomers with long track records in the corporate world who crave independence and an outlet for lifelong passions. Franchising is particularly attractive to boomers, who want to minimize risk with proven systems and the ready exit strategy that franchising provides. Moving Solutions illustrates all of these trends: boomers wanting to continue working, growth in boomer entrepreneurs, boomer interest in the franchise model and boomer desire for meaningful work.