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When you are interviewing a Move Manager, how do you know if the person is qualified  to help with your move? What questions do you ask?  As with any professional service, there are no guarantees, but there are characteristics that best companies share.


You want a company with a track record. How long has the Move Manager been in business?

Moving Solutions was founded in 1996.  Our experience is grounded on 4000 successful moves.

On the Books

When employees are “off the books” or paid as independent contractors, neither you nor the employee is protected if an accident occurs in your home. Are the Move Manager’s employees “on the books” and covered by Workers Compensation insurance?

All Moving Solutions employees are  “on the books” and are protected by  worker’s compensation insurance.


Experienced employees work efficiently, minimizing packing time and saving you money.  How long have the Move Manager’s employees been with the company?

Moving Solutions believes in hiring the best people and paying them well.  Many of our employees have over 5 years of  experience.

Written Contract

Contracts provide a clear explanation of charges, expectations and mutual responsibilities. Does the Move Manager use a written contract?

Moving Solutions provides a detailed contract  written in plain English that protects both you and us. The contract describes how charges are determined and explains our liability policy.

Commitment to Quality

Companies committed to excellence constantly strive to improve. Does the Move Manager use a client satisfaction survey?

Moving Solutions surveys every client to measure satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.


Packing often requires special handling and creative problem solving. What kind of training do employees receive?

Moving Solutions employees are trained in our fully-equipped training facility. Classes cover fragiles, electronics, pictures, computers, lamps and collectibles. Every Moving Solutions employee is trained by eSMMART and earns a Certificate of Achievement in Senior Move Management.

Realistic Estimates

Some companies provide estimates that are unrealistically low in order to get jobs. What percentage of the Move Manager’s invoices are within estimate?

Moving Solutions compares all invoices to original estimates. Over 75% are within  the estimate; 10% are above estimate and 15% are below.

Protection from abuse

Does the Move Manager check the background of each person entering your home?

Moving Solutions does a criminal background check on all employees and on all Vendors we refer.


Anyone can present themselves as “insured.” Can the Move Manager provide proof of insurance?

Moving Solutions is insured and bonded. We will be happy to provide  you with proof of  insurance.


Is the Move Manager a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)? Has the Move Manager earned a Certificate in Senior Move Management?

Moving Solutions is a Founding Member of NASMM (, a pioneer in the industry and the leader in senior move management. Moving Solutions President, Margit Novack, is Founding President of NASMM. Moving Solutions believes in the importance of employee training. Every Moving Solutions employees earns a Certificate in Senior Move Management.