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Whether your parents live nearby or in a distant state, helping them move is hard. In addition to the physical tasks your parents face, there are emotional hurdles, often unspoken, about leaving the family home, fear of change, and dealing with loss. Your relationship with your parents may be evolving, as you assume responsibility on their behalf. They may welcome your involvement, or they may resent it, seeing it as a loss of control. If there have been health crises, you may already have taken off time from work to support your parents. Dealing with their “stuff’ is one more hurdle.




Each job begins with an
in-depth consultation where
we discuss your parents’
needs and concerns.

Contact us to schedule a free,
no-obligation home visit.



We give your parents the support you would provide if you were closer or if your commitments permitted.

We know that feeling in control and in charge helps your parents have a successful transition, and we make this a priority in our work with them. We treat your parents with respect, listen to their stories and get the job done. With their permission, we keep you informed. Our involvement doesn’t take away your role.

We focus on your parents’ “things,”
so you can focus on them.


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